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Project Description
@GTD is an open source GTD Outlook plugin to help you effectively manage your emails.

Installation Guide
  1. Install .NET 2.0
  2. Install Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime
  3. Download and install @GTD according to your Outlook version. Currently, only Outlook 2003 is supported
  4. Edit "<@GTD Install Dir>\Python\" to customize @GTD for your mailbox, projects, etc.
  5. Create necessary folders in Outlook based on your configuration

Email Management Philosophy
@GTD is created based on the Keep MailBox Empty philosophy. Basically, when you receive an email:
  • If you can handle in two minuties, handle it and delete or archive
  • If you need spend extra effort on it, create it a task in a project
  • If you will handle it in a specific time, create an appointment

After emails are categorized in above way, you can handle them in a organized way. Namely, handle by projects instead of randomly. This will definitely improve efficiency in my experience.

Please refer to the "Getting Things Done" book for detailed information.

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